European exhibition in Radiotherapy

by Dr. Alfredo Hane Jr.

Radiotherapy is an ever changing field of medicine that encourages much discussion between health care professionals. The European exhibition of Radiotherapy is a yearly event held so that such individuals can get together and discuss new ideas, technologies and progressions in this medical field.Radiation-therapyHeld by the European Society for Radiotherapy, this annual event see’s some of the leading consultants in radiotherapy, radiology, oncology and radiobiology discuss clinical trials, new evidences presented in the field of nuclear medicine, physics, oncology science, and technology. Radiotherapy relies heavily on technology as a treatment or cure for many health concerns, so it is important that the health care professionals at the forefront of the society discuss such advances.ESTRO, who hold the event, are a not for profit organisation that are dedicated to ensure doctors and radiologists world wide are educated enough to deliver a tailored treatment to each patient. They aim to promote and develop educational standards in radiotherapy and clinical oncology, as well as standards of practice. ESTRO do not only aim to educate radiotherapy and oncology professionals in training, but fully qualified members who still wish learn and develop and research the science of nuclear medicine and oncology. One of the main reasons for holding an annual exhibition, is to encourage different bodies, organizations and institutions to collaborate and share information and research.The annual exhibition of European radiotherapy is to inform and educate, and try to provide an open source for any new information. Making information readily available to any health care professionals, organizations or institutions ensures that the patient involved in cancer management receives the most up to date treatment and advice. The field of oncology and radiotherapy has been through many advances in recent years, and there is still plenty of information that we do not know, but ESTRO endeavour to educate professionals so that they may find it during research.The exhibition is not always held in the same place every year, ensuring that it is fair and everyone has a chance to have it somewhere close so they can access it. It also involves many prominent guest speakers with years of experience in nuclear medicine.