How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

by Dr. Alfredo Hane Jr.

To live a long, happy life, it’s important to observe a healthy lifestyle, and there are several ways to do this and live your best life. It’s not just looking good and feeling good; it’s about having a better quality of life. Here’s how you can live a healthy lifestyle.

Get plenty of exercise

If you work in an office or make your living as a card player, you won’t be very active in your working hours. Even if it’s just a hobby, you’ll still be sitting down, so you should get your heart pumping with some cardiovascular exercise, such as cycling or jogging, when you’re not at the desk or poker table. You’ll burn calories and fat and strengthen your heart. If this seems too high an intensity, you opt for a gentler form of activity. Swimming, walking, and low-impact aerobics are all alternatives.

Go easy on alcohol

Binge drinking is bad for you, especially for your liver. Limit any binge drinking to once a week, if at all, and, generally, cut down on alcohol.

Avoid processed foods

Eat fresh fruit, vegetables and lean meats, and stay away from processed foods. The latter have high salt, sugar and fat contents, whereas the fresh foods are renowned for containing useful nutrients, in high quantities, for your body.

Don’t eat large meals before sleeping

Avoid eat a large meal just before you go to bed. Eating a lot just before bed can increase your chances of weight gain.

Drink lots of water

The body uses water to help it perform bodily functions, transport nutrients and oxygen, and remove waste. When we sweat, go to the toilet, or even when we breathe, we lose water, so we need to replace it. Lead a healthy lifestyle, and you can enjoy a happier, fuller life.